Book Publishing: Current Trends


tabIn this digital era, the publishing industry needs some changes to deal with the rapidly growing usage of digital media. So it is important to integrate with these new trends. The readers are now getting the high quality content online. Online content is easily accessible and almost free of cost. Due to such reasons people like to spend more time in reading online content than reading the printed version of it. So the publishing industry is trying to adopt this new trend and publishing their books, magazines and other content using digital media. More and more books are now available in the digital version along with the printed ones.

Self-publishing is also a popular way now-a-days to publish the content. The author can choose the most suitable way while going for self-publishing. The different options can be opted such as author can pay for the printing and binding the book and publisher also pay some amount to edit, distribute and market the content. Another option for hobbyist writer is to pay the whole cost of printing-publishing process and own all the rights of the book to get the publicity. The established authors who have their fan-following can pay to produce, market, distribute and warehouse the book. Amazon is currently leading the self publishing market and e-book consumption.

Print-on-demand is another choice for many writers. A hobbyist author can choose this option to observe the response from the audience. The author who likes to write for limited audience or writing a family history, memoir, etc. can spend the money to print and publish the book whenever there is a demand for it. Publishing companies are also updating themselves to fulfill the customer’s demand.

mag5Along with all such publishing trends, traditional publishing is still successfully marking its presence. The readers always like to have the hard copy of their favorite books and like to make the collection of it. Newspapers, popular magazines, books from well-known authors are still there in demand and the demand for this printed content will be always there. Thus from above mentioned alternatives, you can choose the best one for your precious content or you can also combine the various options of publishing to reach to the maximum audience.

How To Create Your Own Magazine


Infographics We all like to read magazines. But many people also have interest in creating the one . Creating a magazine basically depends on your creativity, research and proper assembly of content. If you have dreamt of creating your own magazine then first choose a theme on which you would like to talk about. But you should possess adequate knowledge about the theme that you will select.

Then the important part comes into the picture that is creating the content. Get the latest information, research about the different topics, write your own experiences, short stories, poems, fun stuff or you can also ask your friends to get their work to publish in your magazine and to help you to collect the content. Take maximum photographs, make drawings and illustrations and use it wherever it is suitable. Design an attractive magazine cover. You can use different software tools such as InDesign, Quarkxpress, Adobe PageMaker , Adobe Illustrator to create the designs and to do the formatting of the magazine.

Now the magazine is ready for assembling. Indexing and formatting of the magazine is the main part as it shows your creativity and understanding of the subject. Produce a layout of the magazine and assemble your information in a creative way. Edit the content properly and use maximum graphics and images to represent the content. Use suitable Fonts and colors. Use the colors that will go well with the content type.

The final phase is to publish your magazine. Try to find out different publishing options that are best suitable for your work. You can go for traditional publishing or online publishing or there is also an option of On Demand publishing. So if you have a strong desire to create your own magazine then start working on it now.

Custom Publishing : A New Concept In Print Media



For many people custom publishing is a new concept. But to your surprise it is the new sensation in the world of marketing and it is one which is leading the advertisement business. The concept is really simple and has given an impact for many leading companies in the world. This is said to be the modern entrant in the world of print advertisements and print media. This provides a unique kind of advertisements unlike the traditional ones. It has the professional quality information and gets the best results for the clients.

The main intention of the custom publishing is to replace the traditional printing on the popular journals and magazines. This is an all new different approach in the world of social media. Here the companies themselves produce an in-house magazine in order to promote their products and services in the market place. This is the same concept but the approach is different and unique. It has got good results for the company owners. It is just that instead of advertising your products in some other company’s magazine you can build your own magazine to promote your products. Also you don’t have to hire someone from outside to write about the products and services available in your company. Your own employees can take up the responsibility.

Also there are a lot of disadvantages when you try to publish your products and services in some other company’s magazine. Branding your company can take more time, they are expensive and no guarantee of quality content. But it is not the case with custom publishing. With the custom publishing you have better pros when compared to the traditional methods but you have to make sure that you get the better contents on board than the actual content writers.